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How to Implement a Volunteer Program at Your Company

At SOLE, our mission to serve the underserved goes far beyond just paycards. That’s why we’ve implemented SOLE Service Day, which offers employees an annual paid day of volunteering at an organization of their choice.

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Swipe Smarter: Select Credit 15 Times in January 2019 to Win $1k

Swipe your SOLE Paycard as credit to buy something at least fifteen (15) times in January 2019 for a chance to win $1,000!

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7 Financial Goals You Can Achieve in 2019

Setting financial goals can help you achieve things you might’ve never thought were possible.

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Fintech Companies for a Cause: Moving the Needle on Technology & Social Responsibility

Consumers expect companies to be socially responsible, and the fintech industry is leading the charge. Here are six fintech companies that are doing it right.

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Manage Your Money Better with These Four Apps

Managing your money doesn’t have to be stressful. With the SOLE Paycard, you have access to money management apps like Splitwise, Acorns, and more.

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