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Female Leadership at SOLE Financial

Welcome to SOLE Financial’s first Audio Blog Post! Okay, it’s a one-time podcast about female leadership at SOLE. A company is not the office it occupies or the product it sells, it’s the people the company employs.  Below you can listen to seven female department leaders at SOLE Financial discuss the role females play in leadership. 

SOLE Financial Female Leadership quotes:

The leadership should be representative of the organization.” – Lindsay


[Before SOLE] I never knew what it was like having a female boss…The majority of leaders at SOLE are female leaders which is nice. SOLE embodies [a company] that’s very open to creative ideas.” – Chelsea


[At SOLE] It’s more about qualifications than what you look like or gender.” – Laura


With that knowledge and flexibility and understanding it helps the teams be better motivated, and [they’re] wanting to engage more, and to perform better if their bosses know what they’re going through.” – Roxanne


It’s easier to communicate with one another, we can all relate to each other’s struggles rather it’s work related or not.” – Leticia


We know that person who has stepped up to that role and is the right person. Gender, race, age, it’s really about having an openness of bringing the right person into a leadership role and inherently you get diversity.”  – Dawn


Everyone is so professional […] I can ask Lindsay, Dawn something, and they’re willing and open to share and teach me something new […] I think that’s a testament to the company and all the females we have here.” – Norma

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