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Four Ways SOLE Helps Your Business Be Eco-Friendly


April 22nd is Earth Day, a day for individuals and businesses to reflect on how we can take better care of our planet. Businesses know that sustainable business practices are more than just a way to save a few trees. Green practices offer great cost saving benefits. Many customers and corporate partners today want the businesses they patronize make concerted efforts to be eco-friendly. Here are four ways SOLE Payroll Cards can help your company be more green:

  1. Payroll debit cards eliminate paper waste. You load funds electronically onto a SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card. Electronic payroll saves the paper used in paychecks and envelopes. In addition, employees can monitor their financial activity online, eliminating the need for paper bank statements.

  2. Payroll cards eliminate emissions from mail delivery and processing. Instead of driving to the post office or putting paychecks in a mail delivery service truck, you can pay employees electronically. Also, employees will not have to drive to a bank to cash their paper checks.

  3. Payroll cards travel with employees, even after they leave a job. They can take their paycard with them to their second, next, or any job for easy electronic payroll processing. and also receive tax refunds or unemployment benefits on the cards.

  4. Employees can electronically check their balances on the SOLE Paycard App or through There’s no need for them to get a paper statement or drive to their bank to check their balance.

This April, do something for the planet, your employees, and your bottom line. Payroll cards make it easy for your employees to access their earned money and save your business valuable time and resources on payroll processing. Contact us to find out how we can put more green in the environment and your wallet.

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