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Hiller Plumbing Achieves 100 Percent Direct Deposit Through SOLE Paycards

PORTLAND, September 19, 2017- chieving 100 percent direct deposit at any company, no matter the size, is a great accomplishment. More and more companies are offering paycards, like the SOLE® VISA® Paycard, to provide direct deposit to their unbanked employees. One of the most recent companies to achieve 100 percent direct deposit with the help of SOLE Paycards, is Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

There are numerous paycard programs out there and each one offers something different. SOLE Financial’s “something different” is that it provides the benefit of direct deposit to unbanked employees, at no cost to employers, and a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that does something good for the environment. SOLE’s Paperless Trees Project (PTP) plants a grove of trees every time one of their clients achieves 100% direct deposit with the help of SOLE Paycards.

In a recent blog post, SOLE Financial spoke about their latest CSR strategy, “[Paperless payroll] reduces the paper waste of payroll checks, saves trees and reduces the carbon footprint of companies in the process. Since paperless payroll is in the DNA of SOLE, it seemed natural to add a tree planting incentive to our [CSR] strategy...To recognize the achievement, [of 100 percent direct deposit] we wanted to do something significant. That’s where SOLE’s Paperless Trees Project comes in.”

After achieving 100 percent direct deposit, Carol J. Cooper, Director of HR at Hiller had this to say about SOLE Financial and their Paperless Trees Project. “We have been so impressed by the team at SOLE and their support and encouragement with our migration to 100% direct deposit with our payroll. Transitioning to a new HRIS & Payroll platform was a great opportunity to make this change and improve our carbon footprint with the elimination of forms and live (paper) checks. SOLE’s Paperless Trees Project was an added bonus that only reinforces our confidence that we are working with a conscientious and environmentally-aware partner.”

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