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So you’ve lost your SOLE Paycard, now what?


It’s the story as old as time, you were riding the Shock Wave roller coaster down at the Six Flags having the time of your life and you didn’t even notice your SOLE® Visa® Payroll Card was missing. After burning so many calories from screaming your head off you decide to treat yourself to a frozen ice cream treat. That’s when you notice your paycard is lost.

Here’s what to do if you lose your SOLE paycard:

Ask your friends to borrow some money to get yourself some ice cream, then look for your missing card. If you’ve searched everywhere and still can’t find your card then give us a call at 1.800.457.5809

What’s next?

When you give us a call, tell us that you lost your card. We’ll put a hold on that card so if anyone finds it they can’t use your money. We’ll send you a new card that will take 7-10 business days to arrive. There will be a $10 fee for a replacement card. (SVC CHG REPLACE CARD) (Please see your Cardholder Agreement for a list of full fees)

After that?

You’re probably thinking, “what am I going to do for a week when I don’t have a card?!” Well we have good news for you. The employer that you got your paycard from should have replacement temporary cards for you to use. Once you get a replacement card from your employer you’ll call us (again) and we’ll activate the card and get all your information and funds transferred over to your temporary card. This will allow you to make purchases while you wait for your new card to arrive.

What now?

Once you get your new card, call us (last time in the lost-card process, we promise) and we’ll get everything transferred over to your new card and ensure that you’re all set with your new card. Once your new card is activated your instant issue card will be closed. Also be sure to cut up your instant issue card and dispose of it properly once your new one is activated. If you have any reoccurring online bill payments or subscriptions be sure to update your new card information with them! And remember next time you go to an amusement park be sure to keep call your valuables in a fanny pack!

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