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Where to Withdraw Large Amounts of Cash from Your SOLE Paycard

There will absolutely be times in your life when you need to withdraw cash – we get it, and we’ll help you find a way to do it when you need it. But before you decide to pull out cash from an ATM, first consider: “Can I pay for this purchase by swiping my SOLE Paycard? Can I transfer the money with Venmo or PayPal instead?” If the answer is yes, we highly encourage you to pursue one of these no-cost options.

In addition, we’re running our Swipe Smarter contest. To be entered to win, just swipe your card as credit to buy something at least fifteen (15) times in one month. The contest starts over each month, so there are 12 chances to win in 2019!

However, if you answered no and you’re looking to withdraw under $100 from your SOLE Paycard, we suggest you go to your local grocery store, swipe your SOLE Paycard as “debit”, select the “cash back” option and follow the instructions.

This video will walk you through how to get cash back from your paycard:

For those times when you truly need to withdraw more than $100, here are a few solutions:

  1. Your local Walmart Money Center offers a wide variety of financial services including allowing you to withdraw large amounts of cash. Typically, Walmart Money Centers allow you to withdraw up to $1,000 (please check with your local Walmart for withdrawal limits and any associated fees).

  2. You can make up to $1,000 total in ATM withdrawals per day with your SOLE Paycard, from no more than three ATMs. However, most ATMs have their own individual withdrawal limits, so you may need to visit a few different ATMs to withdraw $1,000. If you visit over three ATMs in a day, your transaction will be declined, and you will be charged a $1.00 fee (SVC CHG NSF ATM). In addition, there is a $2.95 ATM withdrawal fee (SVC CHG ATM WITHDRAW) and individual ATM owners usually charge a fee for withdrawals as well. We would encourage you to instead head over to your local Walmart Money Center.

  3. Some post offices allow you to withdraw cash, similar to getting cash back from a grocery store. You have to make a purchase and swipe your SOLE Paycard as “debit”, select the “cash back” option and follow the instructions.

If you know of any other establishments to withdraw money, please post them in the comments!

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