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Manage Your Money Better with These Four Apps


Managing your money doesn’t have to be stressful, and it shouldn’t be! Technology has made it easier than ever to get your finances under control – from budgeting and saving to fairly splitting the bill with friends.

Start taking control of your money by utilizing the following apps:

SOLE Payroll Card

The absolute best way to manage the money directly deposited onto your SOLE Paycard is with the SOLE Payroll Card app. Our app lets you view your account balance and transaction history and offers features like instantly suspending your card if it’s lost or stolen, the ability to turn on or off account alerts like value load* or low balance*, and fingerprint sign-in which allows you to quickly sign in without using your username or password. We suggest frequently signing in to your account, so you are always aware of your balance, ensuring you never go into the negative. (*Standard data and messaging rates from your cellular provider may apply.) 


Tracking your shared expenses with roommates, friends, family, or significant others is a breeze with Splitwise. Square up by marking if an expense was paid with cash or by using PayPal or Venmo – both of which you can use with your SOLE Paycard! Additionally, Splitwise offers a “fairness calculator” that gives an unbiased opinion on fairness of splitting bills through their crowdsourced data.


Investing for the future is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and Acorns makes it possible. With your SOLE Paycard routing number and account number set up your Acorns account in a snap and begin investing with just $5. Every penny you invest, Acorns automatically diversifies it to 7,000 different stocks and bonds which can earn or lose you money. The further away from retirement, the more aggressive you’ll want your investments to be, which gives your account time to ebb and flow with the stock market. If you’re closer to retirement, you’ll want your investments to be conservative, so you aren’t risking all of your money. You can withdraw your money at any time but may be subject to a tax penalty.


Saving money can be hard but WinWin makes it easy! Connect your SOLE Paycard by opting to have micro-deposits put into your account – this process confirms your SOLE Paycard is actually an account. You’ll be asked to verify the two amounts (mine were $0.41 and $0.14). Once you verify each amount, the fun begins! Save as little as $5 a month in an FDIC-insured account and play a daily game for a chance to win money that goes directly into your WinWin account! The more money you have saved, the bigger the prizes are. With WinWin, you can withdraw your funds at any time – no waiting around for an arbitrary goal to be met.

What apps do you use to manage your money? Let us know in the comments!

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