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A Recap of Rhode Island’s Move to Adopt Paycard Payroll

Paycard Laws Map

Paycard payroll is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional paper checks. Rhode Island is the latest state to pass legislation that addresses this increasingly popular wage payment method.

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Under a paycard payroll system, employees receive their wages on a card, much like a debit card, instead of via paper check. Employees can then check their balance, pay bills, and more online. A paycard payroll system offers efficient, convenient and secure direct deposit for employees who don’t use traditional banking services.



As of July 15, Rhode Island employers can legally pay their employees through a paycard payroll system as long as they meet certain criteria, including:

● Employee authorization of the paycard payroll option, either in writing or through an electronic consent form.

● At least one opportunity to withdraw up to the full amount of the paycheck, without accruing charges or fees, per pay period (commonly referred to as a bank teller cash advance).

● Free, unlimited access to payroll card account balances, either through an automated phone system or online.

Switching from paper paychecks to paycards can lead to significant savings for workers. Studies have shown that unbanked employees spend as much as $741 per year to access their money. That's the equivalent of 17 tanks of gas or 200 lunches.

In Rhode Island, 14 percent of adults are underbanked and 6.2 percent are unbanked. It’s estimated that payroll cards can save Rhode Islanders $113 million annually that they would otherwise spend on check-cashing fees.

SOLE Financial provides un- and underbanked employees with convenient and low-cost access to their wages. We also help employers streamline their payroll systems to lower processing costs, save time and reduce paper waste. For more information about paycard payroll compliance in your state and how paycards can save workers and employers valuable time and money, contact us today.

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