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That’s Peachy!: Georgia Paycard Payroll Legalized

Paycard Laws Map

What do we consider success? When 1.2 million more unbanked and underbanked Americans have the same access to their money as the traditionally banked. As more and more states implement legislation that allows employers to pay their employees via paycard, financial inclusion grows. Today we’re celebrating Georgia which passed a law May 5th allowing employers to pay employees via payroll cards.

If you missed our other payroll card legislation updates:

Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, California

Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia

Rhode Island


We’ve illustrated some of the stats regarding unbanked and underbanked Georgians and what financial gains they can look forward to by not spending $741 million annually accessing their paycheck via checking cashing and other non-traditional financial services:




Check back to read more about payroll news and paycard wins across the U.S. You can also find out more about the SOLE Paycard and our mission here.

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