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The 6 Most Common SOLE Visa® Payroll Card Use Errors & How to Avoid Them

Navigating an online system, an app, ATM fees and error codes can take some getting used to when you’re just trying to access your hard-earned pay. Ensuring you get paid on time, without hassle is of the utmost importance to us. We know not everyone has time to call customer service whenever they need help, so we’ve put together a list of the most common errors SOLE Visa Payroll Cardholders face when trying to access their payroll card funds. Trust us—once you get used to the paycard system, you’ll never want to go back to the check-cashing store!



  1. ATM Fees: Though you might know to plan ahead for one ATM service fee when withdrawing cash from your paycard, remember that using your card at an ATM incurs two separate fees: a cash withdrawal fee* and the ATM owner’s fee. Be sure to budget for both fees (often around $5 total) when withdrawing cash at an ATM to avoid ATM insufficient funds declines.

  2. Paying for Balance Inquiries: Similar to withdrawing cash, there is an inquiry fee* and usually an additional ATM owner fee for ATM paycard balance inquiry transactions, even if you’re not withdrawing any funds from your paycard. To check your paycard balance at no cost,* log into your account through our mobile app or at

  3. Select Checking at the ATM: ATM terminals will often ask you to select an account type after entering your pin. Make sure you select “checking” to access your paycard funds at the ATM. Other account types, such as “savings” will give you an error code because your paycard is recognized by ATMs as a checking account.

  4. Trying to Activate Your Paycard Online: The online signup form serves a separate purpose than activating your card.

    1. Activating your paycard: Call 800-457-5809

      1. You will be automatically prompted to follow a set of steps that will activate your card.

    2. Online account creation: > Sign In

      1. This form will allow you to create an online account, in order to log in and view your balance, transaction history, and transfer funds.

      2. The online account form should only be completed after you have activated your paycard and ensured the card is active.

      3. If you try to sign up online before activating your card, you will receive error messages and be unable to create your online account.

  5. Forgot Username or Password: When you create your online SOLE account, use a username and password that are unique to you, but that you’ll remember. Your username can’t be reset, so pick one that’s easy for you to remember. Your password, on the other hand, can be reset.

  6. Delayed Enrollment: If you submitted a paper enrollment form to your boss but your paycard is not yet active, check in with your boss and ask when the forms were submitted for enrollment. If they were submitted over 5 business days ago and your card is still inactive, fill out the online card activation enrollment form at and call the number on the back of your paycard to speak to a live customer service agent.

*See your Cardholder Agreement Terms & Conditions for a full breakdown of fees.

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