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What #BHM Means to SOLEMates

At SOLE, we recognize that every month should be Black History Month, but we wanted to take this month to give our employees a voice. Scroll down to see what #BHM means to us.


"Black History Month means responsibility. We have the responsibility to provide a great example of prosperity and professionalism for the generations behind us to stand upon." - Angelo, Business Development Manager


"Black History Month is important to me because it showcases the sacrifices those before me have made in order for me to have the rights that I have today. It is also a month to celebrate Black Excellence and reflect on the accomplishments of Black men and women." - Tracy, QA Specialist


"For me, Black History Month isn’t just about all the bad times We’ve been through. It’s about integrity, leadership, and determination. It’s about showing your true character and will to stand up in the face of adversity." - Kaleb, Business Development Manager


"For me, Black History Month is a time to reflect. Thinking about all those that have come before me and what they endured just so I can be me." - Lee, Business Development Manager


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