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How to Use the SOLE Payroll Card App

Using the SOLE Payroll Card app has never been easier. Our new app offers you features like instantly suspending your card if it is lost or stolen, the ability to turn on or off account alerts like value load* or low balance*, and fingerprint sign-in, which allows you to quickly sign in to your mobile app without using your username or password. Read on to learn how to navigate your new app.

How can I view my transaction history?

The account transaction history button is on the home page of your account. Tap it to view a list of your transactions.

Can I turn on/off email and mobile alerts?

Yes! Tap the alerts button on the home screen to decide what notifications you want on/off. Please remember: fees may apply, see your cardholder agreement for details.

What do the different alerts mean?

  • Daily available balance: Available balance on your card

  • Approved pending transactions: When a charge is made to your account

  • Declined transactions: When a transaction is declined

  • Value load*: When funds are added to your account

  • Change of card status: If you or a SOLE representative suspends/unsuspends your card

  • Low balance*: Know when your available balance drops below the threshold you set (ex. If you choose $5, you will be alerted when your balance drops below $5)

  • Funds transfer requested: When you transfer money to another account

  • Cardholder profile data updated: When the email address or phone number on your account is changed

  • Pending deposit: When a deposit has been sent to your account, but the funds are not yet available

Where’s my routing and account number?

On the old app home page, you were able to view your routing number and account number by going to “direct deposit.” This option has gone away with the new app, but don’t worry – you can access your routing number and account number through your online account at  


What is quick access?

By turning on the quick access feature, you can tap the logo on the sign in screen to quickly view your card balance without entering your username or password.

Can I use my fingerprint to sign into the app?

Absolutely! Just turn on “User Touch ID” from the settings menu.

I lost my card. Do I have to call SOLE to suspend it?

Nope! All you have to do is select the “Card Controls” button on your home page, then slide the button to suspend your card (the slide button will turn green). This will decline any attempted transactions on the card until you unsuspend it.

What if I suspend my card by accident?

No problem! Just slide the suspended card button to instantly unsuspend your card.

I got a new card. Do I have to add it to my app?

No—if you receive a new card or replacement card, it will be automatically connected to your SOLE account.

How can I make a card to card transfer?

With your new SOLE Payroll Card app, you’ll no longer need to request a transfer if you receive a new card or replacement card. It will automatically be connected to your account, so you can access your money immediately!

Click here to download the new app!

*Standard data and messaging rates from your cellular provider may apply. 


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