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If your card starts with 4097 or 4946:

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If your card starts with 4302 or 4326:

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How to Activate Your SOLE Paycard

So, you received your SOLE Paycard… now what? To start taking advantage of all the benefits your SOLE Paycard offers you first must activate it.

Please note: Before activating your card, your employer must enroll your card. If you get an error message stating that your card does not exist or that the information you’ve entered is invalid, please let your employer know.

 Follow along with the steps below to activate your SOLE Paycard:

1.     Open up your web browser of choice (we’re using Google Chrome), and in the address bar type: 

address bar with arrow.jpg

2.     Enter your 16-digit card number with no spaces and then press continue:

activate screen with arrows .jpg

Find your 16-digit card number here:

card number with arrow.jpg

3.     Check the box and then press continue to ensure you’re not a robot! 🤖:

verify your identity with arrows.jpg

4.     Enter your card’s expiration date (month and year):

expiration date with arrows.jpg

Find your card’s expiration date (month and year) here:

card number with expiration date and arrow.jpg

5.     Enter the last four digits of your social security number and your card’s 3-digit security code (sometimes known as CVV) then press continue:

social and cvv with arrows.jpg

Find your card’s security code (or CVV) here:

back of card with cvv and arrow.jpg

6.     Enter a username between 6-16 characters and enter a password that contains for following, then re-enter your password:

  • 8-16 characters

  • Including 1 upper case letter

  • 1 lower case letter

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character (examples of special characters: @ or ! or $)

  • Your password must not contain your first name, last name, or username.

username and password.jpg

7.     Enter your email address. Then choose and answer a security question that you will remember!

email address and security.jpg

8.     Enter a 4-digit PIN number that you’ll remember, re-enter it and then press continue! You’ll use this number at the ATM or if you swipe your card as debit, although we recommend swiping as credit:

pin with arrows.jpg

9.  Review the information you entered then press continue:

review and submit.jpg

Please note: If you try to activate your card more than three times you’ll get locked out and must call our office at 800-457-5809.

Ta-da! Your card is now activated! ✨ Head to to sign into your account or download the SOLE Payroll Card mobile app.  


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