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Swipe Smarter: Select Credit 15 Times to Win $1k


How to Enter to Win: To enter to win, just swipe your card as credit to buy something at least fifteen (15) times in one month. The contest starts over each month, so there are 12 chances to win in 2019! You can also make a purchase online to be entered to win. Here's how to use your paycard online.

How to make a credit purchase:

  • When you’re making a purchase, and the merchant or card machine asks you to choose between Credit and Debit, select Credit and complete your purchase by signing your name.

  • If the card machine defaults to Debit and requests your PIN, rather than asking you to choose between Debit and Credit, press Cancel to run the purchase as credit. If that doesn’t work, try again, but instead press Enter to bypass the PIN option and run the card as credit.

  • Any time you enter your PIN, it will not count as a credit purchase. Select Cancel anytime you’re prompted for a PIN to ensure you’re choosing credit.

How We'll Select the Winners:  We’ll randomly select one person who swiped their card as Credit at least 15 times in any given month in 2019 to win $1,000.00. Swiping your card more than 15 times in one month will increase your chances to win. For every additional credit purchase after your fifteenth purchase of the month, you will receive another entry into the contest pool.

How You'll Know if You Won: We'll be announcing the winners over on our Facebook® page and contacting each winner directly via phone and email. Good luck from the SOLE team!

Still have questions? Contact us at 800-457-5809 or send us a message on Facebook!


Terms and Eligibility Requirements

1. Each individual must use their SOLE Paycard for at least 15 credit purchases between the 1st and the last day of the month to qualify. Each participant will be counted upon making their 15th credit purchase of the month; any additional credit purchases after the 15th purchase will count as additional entries. Multiple credit purchases on the same day will count as distinct and separate qualifying purchases. Making a point-of-sale credit purchase or buying something online using a SOLE Paycard are considered eligible "credit purchases" of the card.

2. SOLE will randomly select one winner from those who have qualified during the previous month in 2019. SOLE will submit an ACH transfer of $1000 to the winner’s SOLE Visa® Payroll Card after verifying the winner’s identity over the phone. SOLE will notify the winner by email, phone and Facebook. If SOLE is unable to make contact with the winner after one week after several reasonable attempts to make contact through phone, email and Facebook, the original winner forfeits all winnings and SOLE will select a new winner. SOLE will continue to select new winners each week until contact is made with a winner.

3. Eligibility requirements: must be a SOLE cardholder in possession of an active SOLE Paycard that begins in 4302 or 4097 as the first four digits of the card number; must be in the United States to win.

4. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

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